John Mary Ssekate

National Coordinator

BA. SWASA (Hons) MA. Project Planning and Management-social Projects, prof.Catfts. Child Protection, SRHR, and Health and Migration,TOT-INSPIRE

Ben Sebuuma

Programe officer for social work teaching Institutions

(MSW, BSWSA, UCU) Cert. HIV Prevention Counseling, Cert. ICT Skills Training Curriculum, TOT-INSPIRE Technical Package.

Doreen Kemigisha B.

Program officer, Children and Youth

M.A Soc.(ongoing), B.A SWASA, TOT-INSPIRE, Cert. Counseling, Cert. Child Protection.

Juliet Muhumuza T.

Senior Programe Officer

BM.A.(SSPM) MUK. B.SWSA (Hons) MUK. Dip. Soc. Devt. Cert. Soc. Devt. Finance & Grants management, Child Rights, Project planning & Management, Result Oriented Management, Disaster Management, HIV/AIDS TOT, Environmental planning & management.

Ssebukulu Simeo

Public relations Officer

MBA, DPU Pune University, India B.SWASA, Kyambogo Cert. Chartered Human Resource Analyst Certs: Leading Volunteers, Community Service Projects, Fundraising etc.

Geoffrey Ochwo

Programe officer- Communication

M.A JMS, B.A Mass Com, Cert. Education, Climate Change trainers of trainers, Media Graphics, Film and Documentary Prodn.

Doreen Kyampeire

Assistant Communications Officer

Bachelor of science in population studies (MUK) , Cert Digital Marketing, Cert SRHR TOT.

Adriko Robinson


PGD M&E(UMI), Dip Data analysis and reporting (ARMI), Bachelors (honors) SWCD (KYU). M&E systems, and plans, research and data management.

Namono Solome

Finance and Administrative Officer

MBA (UMI), Dip, TRA East African School of Taxation, PGD Financial Management,(UMI) BS Accounting and Finance, (KYU) Dip B E (KYU). Financial reporting, payroll management and tax compliance.

Felix John Opio

IT Specialist

MSci Software Engineering, BSci Computer Engineering.

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