NASWU is a membership organization with over 1700 individual members, over 40 institutional members (NGO/CSO), and over 21 social work training institutions.

Why join NASWU?
  • Certification from a professional body.
  • Professional recommendations.
  • Continuous professional development
  • Opportunities for national and international conferences for exposure and learning.
  • Enhanced relationships, networks for greater carrier opportunities like research and practical learning.
  • Enhanced learning of new knowledge and skills on emerging issues and best practices through NASWU’s capacity building program.
  • NASWU membership card will be issued.

Categories of membership

a) Full membership

This is composed of those holding a degree or Diploma in social work from a recognized institution.

b) Student membership

Composed of members who are undergoing courses and training in social work in recognized institutions.

c) Associate membership

Open to members who though not qualify under (a) and (b) above  but are actively involved with and contribute to the social work profession and accept to promote the objectives of the association.

d) Organisational membership

Open to organizations whose purpose include social and economic welfare of individuals, groups, communities, and the nation they include both social work agencies and social work teaching institutions.

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Application/Termination of Membership

  • Application for membership shall be by filling in respective application forms.
  • Approved members shall be issued membership cards after paying the membership fees
  • On death of a member;
  • If one becomes of unsound mind;
  • The National Executive Committee may by a resolution, dismiss a member for a very serious breach of the social work code of ethics on the advice of the Ethics Adjudication Committee.
  • A dismissed member may appeal in writing to the NEC for reinstatement, stating grounds for such action.
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