Annual General Meeting/Assembly

Corporately responsible for the following duties:

  • The highest decision-making body of NASWU:
  • Receives and discuss the President’s annual reports and plan of action for the next financial year;
  • Receive and approve financial reports of NASWU:
  • Elect office bearers if term of office is over or as bye-elections to replace a vacant post;
  • Receive, discuss and approve constitutional amendments

National Executive Committee (NEC)

The National Executive Committee shall comprise of the following:

  • The President,
  • Vice President,
  • General Secretary,
  • Assistant General Secretary,

Treasurer, and six committee members representing six regions of Uganda as shall be proposed by the Executive Committee and approved by the General meeting mandated to: Provide strategic leadership to the Association; Oversee the day to day National business of the Association; Planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the National Program of Action; Promote or authorize establishment of new branches, projects; Co-ordinate the activities of the branches.

Branch Executive Committee (BEC)

Currently NASWU has branch coordination committees for Eastern, Western, Northern and Central Uganda supporting in membership mobilization and advocacy.


The duties of the Patron shall be to:

  • Guide and counsel the Association;
  • Be a member of the board of trustees.
  • Promote the image ‘and activities of NASWU.
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