Charles Tuhaise,
Former President

After our SWSA class of 1987 completed the course in 1990 and graduated in January 1991, some of us were eager to join NASWU, the professional Association of Social Workers in Uganda, but were told NASWU had been inactive for over 10 years. We decided to take the challenge of its revival and embarked on a 20-year process.

A series of events and activities were undertaken, including writing a new Constitution, holding quarterly fellowships, participating in regional events, re-linking with International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) and other national Associations and eventually NASWU was able to host the 7th Pan-African Social Work conference in 2007.

In 1999, NASWU hosted a delegation from the Danish Association of Social Workers (Aalborg) branch and later, 2 NASWU officials visited Aalborg in 2000.

In 2005, we learnt a lot, when NASWU sent a delegation to 6th Pan-African Social Work conference hosted by Kenya National Association of Social Workers (KNASW) in Nairobi. At the end of the conference, Uganda was selected to host the 7th Pan-African Social Work conference, which we successfully did in 2007 under the theme: TRANSFORMING AFRICA; DESIGNING REMEDIES TO POVERTY.

The conference was held at Hotel Africana and attracted over 100 participants from all over Africa and globally. Neighboring countries including Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania sent delegations to the conference, and many Social Workers and academics from Makerere University, Uganda Christian University etc. attended.

After these achievements, the interim Committee started preparing to hand-over leadership, which was successfully done in 2012, when Charles Draecabo was elected new NASWU President.

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